Product Fact Sheet - Florence Dining Table Ø120

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Florence Dining Table Ø120

Knut Bendik Humlevik & Josefine Hedemann

Following on from the Florence Shelf, the Florence Dining Table demonstrates the same visual lightness and beautiful simplicity. A lightness that allows the table to un-obstruct life’s objects, whether in-use or on display. Its sleek frame and timeless table top allows you to focus on the contents of living.


Product Name

Florence Dining Table Ø120


Knut Bendik Humlevik & Josefine Hedemann




Dining Table




Powder coated steel frame with table top in marble


White Carrera Marble w. White Frame

Product Dimensions

Ø: 1200 x H: 10/20 mm (Table Top). H: 720 x W: 550 x D: 550 mm (Frame)

Packaging Dimensions

H: 1300 x W: 1300 x 50/110 mm (Table Top). H: 830 x W: 600 x D: 600 mm (Frame)

Weight (Incl. Packaging)

81 kg (Table Top) + 11 kg (Frame)

County of Origin


Ean No

5712826407233 (Table Top) / 5712826407134 (Frame)

Item No

40723 (Table Top) / 40713 (Frame)


Frederiksgade 1, Ground Floor
1265 Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 7230 9999

Safety Precautions

The table tops in our collection are treated with a sealer, which makes the table top more stain resistant than untreated marble. Because marble is a natural material, it is sensitive to liquids - in particular acidic substances, such as lemon juice, wine or coffee. If the liquid is not removed immediately, spilled liquids will leave a permanent stain on the table top. However, it is strongly recommended to always use a trivet and avoid placing glasses or cups with liquids directly onto the marble table top.

Cleaning & Maintenance

For daily care and cleaning it is recommended to use a cleaning agent specifically developed for stone or marble. It is also highly recommended to do a re-sealing of the table top approximately every second month using an appropriate sealer developed specifically for stone or marble. Please contact your local hardware store to find the right cleaning agent or/and sealer. Wipe the Table Frame with a soft dry or moist cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning tools, and never use strong cleaning agents such as household glas cleaner, white spirit or turpentine.