Product Fact Sheet - Rise & Shine Wall Mirror

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Rise & Shine Wall Mirror

Hunting & Narud

The Rise & Shine Wall Mirror utilises bold forms with an asymmetrical composition to create an unfolding feature within any space. A softening oak centre point allows the mirror and brass components to push and pull against each other, providing an ever-changing point of reflection. Whether employed for different functions, or simply to create an intriguing interior sculpture, Rise and Shine provides a centrepiece full of balance and movement.


Product Name

Rise & Shine Wall Mirror


Hunting & Narud




Wall Mirror




Mirror glass, oak wood, steel or brass


Natural Oak w. Brass Weight

Product Dimensions

H: 2150 x W: 450 x D 70 x Ø: 450 mm

Packaging Dimensions

H: 150 x W: 500 x D: 500 mm

Weight (Incl. Packaging)

8,5 kg

County of Origin


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Frederiksgade 1, Ground Floor
1265 Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 7230 9999

Safety Precautions

The Rise & Shine Wall Mirror is carefully crafted, and every item is unique. Smaller marks or minor deviations in the material and surface may occur. In rare cases, a damaged edge or scratched surface can cause the mirror to suddenly crack into small pieces. Such crack may cause sharp fragments, however, this is extremely rare. Avoid collisions from the side – this is where the glass is most vulnerable. The Rise & Shine Wall Mirror is intended for indoor use only.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Wipe the surface with a soft cloth, either dry or slightly damp. Do not use abrasive cleaning tools or strong cleaning agents such as household glass cleaner, white spirit, or turpentine.