Pleat PitcherPleat PitcherPleat PitcherPleat PitcherPleat PitcherPleat Pitcher

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Pleat Pitcher

DKK 699


Mirror Polished Stainless Steel

The Pleat Pitcher adds to our growing collection of table top items that mix everyday functionality with a sculptural touch. Alongside Ripple and Aura, a polished stainless steel silhouette allows it to reflect its surroundings whilst maintaining a unique presence. With one simple pull on the cylindrical exterior, a perfect spout is formed. Whilst creating a highly functional piece, this action accentuates both the strength and simplicity of the Pleat Pitcher.

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The Pleat Pitcher can be used for cold beverages or simply as a sculptural piece


The pitcher doubles as a vase, ideal for small bouquets of greens or wild flowers

Designed by

Omayra Maymó