Tense Pendant Lamp Ø120Tense Pendant Lamp Ø120Tense Pendant Lamp Ø120Tense Pendant Lamp Ø120

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Tense Pendel Lampe Ø120

DKK 4,495


White Tyvek

Stretching to over one metre in length, the Tense pendant lamp appears like a soft cloud has floated in. A truly modern construction, its soft Tyvek diffuser represents a material both durable and soft – whilst being 100% recyclable. The flexibility of this paper-like diffuser allows its slim frame to accentuate the cloud like qualities of the Tense pendant lamp. Finished with a slimline LED light source, all components fit into a slim box for ease of transport. A truly modern approach to lighting.


Tense Pendant Ø120 above a Florence Dining Table


The largest Tense Pendant works well in high-ceilinged spaces

Designed by

Panter & Tourron