Tense Pendant Lamp Ø70Tense Pendant Lamp Ø70Tense Pendant Lamp Ø70

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Tense Pendant Lamp Ø70

DKK 3,495


White Tyvek

A new little cloud has floated in. The popular Tense Pendant Lamp is now available with a diameter of 70 cm in addition to the sizes Ø90 and Ø120 cm. Ideal for smaller spaces or mounted in poetic formations along with the other sizes. Like the other Tense pendants, the lamp consists of a light shade made of the material Tyvek, which is both durable and soft – whilst being 100% recyclable. The flexibility of this paper-like diffuser allows its slim frame to accentuate the cloud like qualities of the lamp. Finished with a slimline LED light source, all components fit into a slim box for ease of transport.


Install the Tense Pendant Lamp Ø70 in a group with other Tense Pendants

Designed by

Panter & Tourron