Lighting holds a very special place in our universe. We love light for its ability to create an ambience and transform spaces. In collaboration with a number of talented, international designers, we present a wide range of pendants, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps.

Sculptural lamps for the home

The right lighting can be a turning point for your décor, as well as your well-being. It can increase concentration, make you feel more relaxed, and allow you to see your surroundings in a new light. With the right lamp, a dull and dark corner can quickly be transformed into your new favorite spot. But a lamp is more than a source of light. To us, lamps are a form of jewelry for spaces. They must captivate and arouse curiosity with a distinctive aesthetic appeal. Thus, the lamps in our collection are characterized by their sculptural qualities and focus on sensuous forms and tactile materials.

Lighting with a focus on materials

Marble, granite, smoked oak, glass, and textile are some of the materials featured across our lighting collection. We utilize both classic, timeless materials for our lamps and explore new materials and ways to use them. This applies, for example, to the functional material Tyvek used for the modern, cloud-like Tense Pendant. Tyvek is a strong, light and 100% recyclable material that is commonly used for insulation and health care equipment. Timeless milky white opal glass appears across our lighting collection, known and loved for its classic look and pleasant light. Just as different types of marble and wood take shape in many of our table lamps, as well as in our furniture collection.

Designer lighting for the curated home

Our lamps are designed by renowned designers, who have given each lamp a unique character. Lars Tornø's Kizu Table Lamp, which stands as a sculpture in the room, is among our most well-known lamp designs. The same applies to the Lantern series, created by the Norwegian duo Anderssen & Voll. With its simple, iconic shape and wide selection of table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps and pendants in different sizes, the series invites to a wealth of applications. Most of our lamps unfold into series, where different sizes and variants allow you to choose the design that suits your decor. At the same time, the different models in the same series can be used together to create a calm and coherent feel throughout your home.

Explore our collection further

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