Whether they are part of an artful still life or stand alone, these sculptural and functional objects add something special to the decor. A streamlined pitcher, a flowing candle holder, or alluring mirrors, each object is carefully selected for its clever interplay between function and aesthetics.

Silvery Line - a series of functional objects in stainless steel

Silvery Line is a series of objects for the table made from stainless steel. The series includes a pitcher, candle holder, table mirror and wall mirrors. Behind each object is a passionate designer, who gave life to its unique character. The relationship between the different designs in the Silvery Line is based on the utilisation of the material stainless steel, as well as a a shared modernist and artistic expression.

The personal touch or a gift for someone you hold dear

Are you looking for the perfect gift or that special item that adds the final personal touch to your decor? Among the selection of home accessories from New Works, chances are good that both of those missions will succeed. The elegant designs in the Silvery Line make great gifts - for yourself or someone you wish to treat to something special.

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